oh the places you’ll go

vast open spaces and  skies on fire…           Laying in my swag on cold nights. I fall asleep watching the stars and hearing the howls of dingoes in the… Continue reading

working my way slowly towards a functioning vegie garden

I finally worked out what to cook with the mountain of lemon thyme growing in my garden… slowcooked chicken drumsticks in white wine with onions, garlic, lemon and lemon thyme.  

birthdays, and why you shouldn’t bother following instructions.

These last four weeks while I have been at home a lot I have turned myself into the epitome of the perfect 1950s housewife. Okay, that’s not exactly true. I have cooked and… Continue reading

cup of tea?

Howdy! isn’t it amazing how much can change in four short weeks? Four weeks ago I quit my job and began working as a relief teacher/anything the agency really wanted to make me… Continue reading

My creative space 12 may 2012

While I am doing a lot of hanging around home biting my nails, I have set myself the challenge of drawing something every day.  When I was a kid not a day would… Continue reading

a transitory state, and the personal crisis that goes along with it.

I have limited experience in the early childhood education industry. I had one intensive year of uni on that particular subject; nearly a year of being an assistant, constantly caught between the desire… Continue reading

small parts of Thailand

I’m avoiding posting all the usual honeymoon shots of us riding elephants and sitting on beaches, cause really…you don’t need to see all that do you?

a DIY wedding adventure, amongst other excuses…

okay, I know I know….I’ve been gone for oh….10 months?! 10 months that flew by at lightning speed. 10 months that now see me a happily married woman; a passport stamped traveller; a… Continue reading

all the pretty horses

We celebrated our engagement with an adventure to an unepectedly gratifying and surprisingly local sculpture park.