good day to you sir

Welcome!  (to you and myself)

This is my first blog post ever!  A friend finally convinced me to go ahead and create a blog after I have been umming and ahhing over it for months.  So here we go!

Because my life is predominantly made up of:  art, craft, cooking, studying childcare, Mr. significant other, paganism and wishing I had more time for all of the above I have decided to put my sensational procrastination skills to good use and blog about them.


Speaking of Mr. significant other (let’s call him P.) P. got the job he wanted which means a promotion and a pay rise hurrah!  I was so happy for him last night when he told me that I baked a celebratory chocolate cake.  It was just a simple cake recipe from my “student cooking” book that my mother bought me when I first started uni- I guess she was hoping I would extend myself past 2 minute noodles.  Although very quick and easy to make, it turned out delicious (although it did not rise much) and I am now sitting here eating it for breakfast- because I firmly believe that celebratory chocolate cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food and its availability should be taken advantage of.

It’s Autumn here now and I finally feel more comfortable with the weather.  I can handle cold and drizzling because after growing up in Tasmania that is what feels natural to me.  Moving here over summer was quite literally a baptism of fire that I was just not expecting.  Going from Hobart where it was 15 degrees the week before moving, to Victoria where it sat between 35 and 42 degrees all summer long completely floored me and affected me in ways I never expected the weather could.   I absolutely love Autumn though.  It’s that first chilly gust of wind that hits you in the face and all the leaves turning that makes me want to either go outside in my gumboots and crunch about in them, or huddle up inside, cook something delicious and knit.  What do you like to do in Autumn? Do you have any Autumn rituals that you do each year?

autumn sunset in Hobart

autumn leaves in jamaison, victoria

The beautiful leaves in Jamaison, Victoria.