too many short love affairs

I’ve been somewhat bipolar in my crafting lately.  Time spent drooling over projects on Ravelry put me into a knitting frenzy. This usually does not last long because I find something I want to make, get the wool, get the needles, cast on and then something happens along the way which puts a roadblock in my path.  Then I see something else I want to make and it starts again.  These have mostly been little projects (because I get bored very easily) such as dishcloths and other little accessories that I decide I need.  However,  in the midst of this eratic knitting behaviour, I have slowly but surely been plodding away at the same pair of socks I have been working on for a while now.  I have completed one and am up probably 3/4 of the way through the second.

The pattern is Osier Socks by Stefanina, but I changed the heel from patterned to plain because I simply could not get it to work.

Here they are!  I am still relatively new to knitting, especially socks so it took me a few false starts to get this pattern going, but once you work out new stitches and how to bridge them over 2 separate needles (which is a bit fiddely) it becomes easy as pie!