Since moving to Melbourne I have been given plenty of opportunities to engage in wholesome activities with my sister, L, which we probably haven’t done since childhood. The difference is that now we don’t feel the need to elbow each other in the rib cage all the time (well, maybe just a little).

One venture we embarked on was soap making.  I had been wanting to have a go at making my own soap for ages, and had a recipe in the book “Making Stuff: an Alternative Craft Book” . The soap recipe is written by Dr. Sara Robb and now opens to the page splattered in various yellowy looking liquids.  The one you see above was our first attempt, which we added cinnamon, oats and honey to.  These all sunk to the bottom and formed a separate layer to the bulk of the soap, but made it smell like cake 🙂 The recipe was really very simple to follow- don’t be put off by the various substitution tables and long list of materials required.  As long as you are careful with the caustic soda, wear rubber gloves and please don’t fling it in anyone’s eyes, then you will be fine and come away smelling sweet.