Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. ~P.J. O’Rourke

So true…which is why I like to surround myself with gothic classics and obscure picture books in a desperate attempt to appear more interesting.

In order to continue this ruse I thought I might share some of these with you (dear readers).

Disovering  unexpected books hidden away deep in the shelves of some dark little shop makes me feel all tingley, and I can’t help but think of dreary days spent in Hobart frequenting Salamanca square (which is precisely where I encountered many of these musty wonders). So it’s on dreary days in Melbourne like today that I feel like pulling them out of the shelves and spend some time breathing them in.

Todays book is “Through the Lover’s Window: The Trials and Treasures of Love and Loving” by Cameron Semmens, illustrations by Hamish McWilliam.

(I apologise in advance for the fuzzy photography.  My house is very dark with little natural light,  making taking decent photos quite tricky. )

Cameron Steel’s poetry tells the story of the end of one relationship and the lifeline of another, split into 3 sections: Epic Laundrey; The Sermon of Tears; and Myths and Legends of You and Me. His poetry consistently changes in tone and form, mirroring the emotional rollercoaster being played out, while Hamish McWilliam’s  naive drawings gently compliment the quiet, introspective nature of the book.


Yesterday at 5:11am

a garbage truck roared down our cul-de-sac

to take my life away.

At  6:06am another came

as if to make sure there was nothing left to salvage.

If you get the chance, check out Cameron Semmen’s website, which includes some of his performance poetry as well as other books he’s published and Hamish McWilliam’s creative partnership with his wife, Boxroom collective.

what sends shivers down your spine?