daily exercise in gratitude

Time spent procrastinating from essay writing has found me in the arms of some lovely and surprising blogs.  One of these is THXTHXTHX. Leah Dieterich says that her mother always told her to write thankyou notes, and so she does.  Every day.

Her gratitudes make me laugh, but also remind me to be thankful for the small things, and things that may not seem positive at all.

here are some:

With these dear little thankyous in mind, I would like to write my own for today:

Dear nosebleeds,

Thankyou for always making me take out my nose stud so that when you are finished and I get a fright because I think I have lost it, I have a wonderful calming moment straight after when I remember that I actually took it out.

see you soon (I’m sure)


Go on and try it- it’s fun (I promise) and actually makes you feel really good putting things into perspective.  What are you grateful for today?