I’ve seen some things… (just some)

I have never travelled outside Australia. In fact, I’ve hardly even travelled within Australia but I have seen most of what Tasmania has to offer, and a very select amount of Victoria too.  Now, I’m no photographer I did it for two years in uni but found that I am simply not perfectionist enough for the discipline, however, when I go places I do enjoy taking my beloved camera along.  Here’s a few taken over the last 4 years in Tasmania which I enjoy looking at when I miss the place where I grew up.  Where’s your favourite place and what do you do to remember them? (warning. This page may take a while to load )

Tasmania's west coast

Lavender farm, Tasmania

sunrise easter day from Mt Nelson, Hobart

seal colony bruny island

autumn sunset, hobart

autumn sunset, hobart

Tasman peninsula, Tasmania

onions drying in the shed