Here are some of my older drawings I did in grade 11 and 12 at school (2004 + 2005) They’re all quite large and drawn using charcoal (burnt and compressed) and white chalk.  Paper is either white cartridge or brown paper from a big roll. Looking back on old drawings often makes me cringe at my ideas at the time and what I failed to do, but I think it’s always important to look back at where you’ve come from.


Over the weekend I was lucky enough to go on a mini cultural adventure around Melbourne with two of my closest friends who had popped over from Hobart to see me.  After much excitement at actually being in the same state again we headed over to the NGV with no specific goal other than to wander through the galleries. This turned out to be serendipitous as we stumbled across   “Love, Loss and Intimacy” , a beautiful exhibition that “explores how the human emotions of desire, grief and affection tie the observer to the observed.” featuring (amongst others) Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch (which sent my heart and stomach a’fluttering), William Orpen, Joy Hester and Augustus John. Melbourne is particularly bountiful in emerging artists and fantastically surprising little exhibitions (which I love) but this time it was nice to find myself in a room full of the established and historically conspicuous artists who originally inspired me years ago.  It was like coming home to find an old friend sitting on your couch, which is very nice indeed. Go feel the love between now and  25 July 2010 at the Robert Raynor Gallery, NGV .

Edward BURNE-JONES Study for Cupid finding Psyche 1870
The Kiss by Edvard Munch


I Have not had much time lately to actually do any art, although it has been whispering away in the back of my mind, so I’m thinking that sometime soon I will have to face up to it and just sit down with my pencils…

Here is some of the artwork I did at christmas for family (because I was completely broke and couldn’t buy presents


for L. L on her bike

for Mum & Dad. seed pods
for Mum & Dad. Dad with Rosie the dog

Heres the teddy bear I drew for the Frankston Toy Library’s Teddy Bear’s picnic flyer.  It also appeared on all the large promotional boards and their newsletter.

probably one of the simplest drawings I Have ever done. It had to be used for a colouring in competition, so it was outlines only.

2009.  did not involve much artwork.

dinosaur I drew for a friend to put in her son’s bedroom
first go at using colour pencils and black pen together

Now for the Art School era……. (we’re going backwards in time..) At Art School I actually majored in Art and Design Theory, so the majority of my time and energy was taken up with writing, researching and creating hypothetical exhibitions. My actual artwork came a very far second, I’m afraid. However, I wouldn’t post my major work up here because no one wants to read that much existentialist feminist blah blah blah, and it would probably make this the most boring blog in the whole wide world.  And we wouldn’t want that now..


Image Development 3rd Year.  Series of four portraits based around the idea of trying to find oneself, but not knowing where or how to look.  (that’s the very short version.)

So Orlando called “Orlando?” and waited…… Orlando did not come.

-Virginia Woolf

this one is just as dark as the others, I was just in a dark house taking the photos, which is why they are all a bit fuzzy

In 2008 I also took printmaking for the first time.  I loved it so much I wish I had done it from first year so that I would have had the chance to explore it mroe and actually become better at it.  As it was, I only got to do it for one semester.

I focused on the idea of anatomy which came to me after day dreaming over the inside of a pumpkin I had just cut.  There were two projects in print making- the object and the portait. I do not have all the pictures from the Portrait because my mother has parts of the work hanging in her office.  It consisted of: one portrait of myself, just my face with a red background.  This was on plain paper.  Then I printed the skull, the facial muscles and the brain on separate pieces of clear plastic, layering them on top of each other in order, referencing medical text books.  (btw, Art School involved A LOT of wankiness and justification of what you have created.)

These were my first ever attempt at lino cutting and printing, so please do not judge me!


Image Development

I was too ambitious with the size and did not think about the theory behind it enough.  consequently, I ended up with two enormous drawings because I just wanted to draw bodies  (which isn’t a good enough reason apparently).

These pics are of the works in progress.  I never managed to get photos of them finished because they are huge and awkward to put up and I think I was sick to death of them by that stage.

the three graces
referencing michaelangelo

And now for some life drawing (which was always nice)

2 lots of 10 minute figure studies

6 lots of 5 minute figure studies

10 minute figure study
10 minute figure study