sunrise Easter day Mount Nelson, Hobart
Living near Melbourne means that I take the train whenever I want to go to the city.  This takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, so I like to take the time to just sit back and relax, which can be hard to do when you are on a train full of school kids, drunk people, bogans and those delightful individuals that decide to share their love of Usher/Lady Ga Ga/heavy metal bands/techno with the entire carriage, so I listen to podcasts on my phone.  One podcast that has quickly become my favourite is Ariel’s Druidic Craft of the Wise. Ariel is a long time druid who takes lectures and meditations as well as his regular podcast.  He covers a vast range of topics under the neo-paganism and new age banners such as “The Principle of Vibration“, “Anger“, “Reclaiming our power” and “Ethical Communication“.  I find these podcasts to be thought-provoking and encourage me to think outside of myself, which in general, just makes me feel calmer and more connected with the universe.  Although they are defined as pagan podcasts, I think non-pagans would also find something interesting  in the long long archive list, so go ahead and block out the world for 45minutes with some pagany, new agey goodness!