“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.” A.A.Milne

I know a girl.  I know a girl who I used to spend hours in haystacks and huddled under car cover balcony tents with when we were little. I know a girl who I went to school with but haven’t seen for a long time now. I also know that this girl grew up (I assume) and now takes beautiful photos which take my breath away.

I really am one of those lucky people who are surrounded by creative individuals every where I go, and I am constantly in awe of the things they draw/paint/photograph/write/cook/make.  Danielle is one of those people and I would like to share some of her photographs with you…

Here are some wintery lovelies, and if you would like to check out Danielle’s other works you should head on over to her photostream .

spiders web

Smokin Bed of Water

Purpy Moosh

Poof head

Dia Leef

Darkest Droplet

Atomic Dust Puff