If you go down to the woods today……

Be sure to go see this exhibition.

I went along yesterday with L to check it out and was certainly not disappointed.  In fact, my (already high) expectations were exceeded!

“Curated in direct collaboration with Burton, the exhibition brings together over 700 works, including paintings, drawings, puppets, costumes, storyboards and film. Discover the elements of gothic fantasy, dark humour and motifs that characterise Burton’s work as director, concept artist, illustrator and photographer.”

I love it when galleries take into consideration the entire experience of the show and put in the effort required to lift an exhibition from merely paintings hung on white walls to an all-encompassing experience which feeds the senses. ACMI have certainly achieved this with the Tim Burton Retrospective.  As soon as you arrive at Federation Square colourful and bizarre installations greet you and lead you inevitably to the gallery.  Upon stepping inside you are transported into a dark and eerie world filled with weird drawings and jottings, costumes from his movies, sculptures and videos.  Dark corners and strange music  floating softly through the space disrupts the viewer’s sense of reality, and adds to the  transient state of uncertainty at what could be around the next corner.

This exhibition gave me the shivers from the sheer morbid beauty of the works. As a drawer I was also astounded at the extensive collection of drawings (finished and unfinished) as galleries rarely incorporate a great deal of early sketches and notebook scribblings in shows.

Here are a select few drawings which were on show…

If you want to go along and check it out I would suggest booking your tickets online ahead of time as this saved L and I at least an hour of waiting in line.

The exhibition is on at ACMI until October 10, 2010- so there is plenty of time to see it!