Knit one, Purl two…

I haven’t written about my crafty life for a little while now, but there have certainly been crafty happenings occurring in the background…  I still need to take photos of the things I have knitted but I can show you the pictures from the patterns.

The pattern for this scarf is called “Branching Out” and is usually knitted in fine, fluffy lace wool. However, I don’t always like fluffy yarn distracting from lace patterns so I chose to knit it in 4ply cotton (like the yarn pictured above). I was really happy with the way the cotton gave definition to the leaf pattern, and the pattern itself was relatively easy to knit, making it a very enjoyable experience.  I would definitely recommend giving this pattern a go if you want a beautiful lace scarf.  My mum has knitted this pattern for herself and for my grandmother and every time the scarf has turned out very nicely indeed.  Use fluffy lace wool if you want a very delicate, weightless scarf or cotton if you want something a little more substantial and defined.

You can get the pattern for free from over here

Mermaids Lagoon socks.

My sister L gave me a skein of beautiful fine sock wool for my birthday and I wanted to find a pattern worthy of its quality.  Mum helped me choose this pattern while I was in Tasmania as knitting provides us with plenty of bonding material.  We chose this pattern because we thought it would enhance the subtle variations in tone throughout the yarn and allow the lace pattern to show through also.

With pattern, skein and needles in hand I happily tripped off to Hobart and got it out one morning when I was awake before anyone else and figured that it would be the perfect time to get started.  Unfortunately, I have never come across a skein of wool before as I have always knitted from balls, and naively assumed that it would unravel as I knitted.  I was wrong.  Somehow, within moments of pulling the end out the skein had metamorphosed into an unfathomable tangle.  The wool tangle was of such proportions that it took 5 people 4 days to unravel it.

Here’s a photo of me showing my despair over the tangle by putting it on my head.  (that’s just what you do when faced with this kind of challenge)

Despite all this, this story does have a happy ending (so far). I am now in possession of a beautiful ball of green yarn after finally untangling it and have started knitting the socks.  The socks are taking much longer to knit than they would normally take me because I am trying to be ultra careful as the quality of the wool has made me anxious not to make mistakes; and because all the knit stitches are knitted into the back of the stitch instead of the front.  This makes for slow knitting and sore fingers, but so far I am very happy with the way the yarn knits up and the pattern will be more prominent once I have completed several repeats.

I think this pattern will be good for someone with plenty of lace and sock knitting experience as knitting through the back of the stitch can be a bit tricky at times.  Your can find the pattern for free at Knitty over here.

Now for something a little more flippant.  The transformers wash cloth pictured above is by Enid Danforth and the pattern can be found on Ravelry for free here.

I knitted this up in a few hours while watching movies when I was sick.  It was intended to be a wash cloth for P (who loves transformers.  Obviously.) So far it hasn’t been used as a wash cloth, because it has been sitting in my knitting basket, but has got me thinking about a possible future snuggly blanket made up of patterned squares like this….

This was lots of fun to knit and very easy.  All you need to know is how to knit and purl and ends up about 20cm X 20cm.