Nothing can cure the soul but the senses….(Oscar Wilde)

Have you seen abby try again? It’s a lovely blog I stumbled across via another blog via someone elses via something else… and so on.  Abby takes photos from her every day life on vintage cameras which she finds in thrift shops.  I have no idea how she makes such pretty pictures with old cameras (thinking back to my own beloved vivitar which took fuzzy, under exposed photos and had something rattling around inside it), but somehow she manages to take ordinary things like cotton spools and turn them into nostalgic snaps of memory.

It’s not just the pretty photography that kept me reading- Abby also has this lovely regular post called “Five Senses Friday”  where she writes about the things she has been tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and feeling over the week.  This struck me as  a darn good way of letting your readers know about your life without getting too waffley…and she also invites everyone to join in.  So, join in I shall.   Here is “five senses Tuesday” (I know, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but I would never lie to you about which day of the week it is…that’s just not what friends do.)

so…here goes…


Fresh home-made bread.  I have been trying to create the perfect home-baked loaf (still very much a work in progress).  Most of the time I just use dried yeast and a recipe based on the Woman’s Weekly recipe, but in the past I have baked sourdough from some starter that P’s father gave me.  Lately I just keep forgetting to make more starter and I seem to bake a new loaf about every second day, so until I remember yeasty wholemeal it is (and darn delicious).


apart from freshly baked bread? (mmm) I have been sniffing the lovely smelling hand lotion that K makes and lets me slather on my mits.  I can’t remember all the ingredients in it (lavender?  frankincense?) I just know it smells like my grandparents garden when I was little.


pages upon pages upon pages of journal articles on inclusive and anti-bias kindergarten curriculums.  They all start to run into each other after a while and all the anecdotal accounts and empirical research become muddled in my mind.  Hopefully I have managed to separate them all before I actually write this assignment.


The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire because I like to get creeped out and they discuss mind bending topics like exoconsciousness and string theory and alternative universes and life after death.  Nothing starts off my day quite like a good ghost story.


Guilty!  Because I have not managed to get that drawing done yet (sorry Jenny!) I promise I will get around to that soon (when uni stops demanding everything but my first-born).

so that’s been my week in a sensory nutshell  what have you been tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and feeling?  Leave me a comment!