Five Senses Tuesday

I have to admit I feel a little silly writing this post seeing as there was only one in between this and the last grand Five Senses Tuesday, but after all- this is an exercise in disciplined writing (disciplined writing is what i do- don’t ya know…)



The heater fan busily working away to keep me warm and keep my bread rising;  The ABC on the TV in front of me; and my mother on the phone because ma and pa are coming this weekend to help L move out.


A man hug a goat.  On TV.  But in real life- on a farm.  He must really love his goats.  Watching this makes me wish I had a goat in the backyard available for some hugging.


Not a whole lot- my nose is very blocked and the stupid thing won’t unblock without nasal spray.  What I would like to be smelling right now is sandalwood.  Because I love sandalwood.


Annoyed and a little overwhelmed this week.  Why can’t everyone just be nice and get along??


Right now?  Leek and potato soup that I made when I came home from uni for lunch today. No meals in the freezer and having eaten all the bread and rice cakes means I have to make soup.  But it’s not as boring as it sounds.  I love leek and potato soup and I think its pretty much impossible to mess up.  Which is good, because I do not always cook with precision. In fact, my cooking process usually involves me throwing a bunch of things into a pot and hoping for the best!

I havn’t had a comment on here for a while- so go ahead and make my day (I love getting comments!  It makes me feel like I’m not just talking to a big fat internety wall).  Tell me what you have been hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling.