I have something to tell you…

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of drawing lately, as I’m mentioned in my other posts.  I did try yesterday and became increasingly frustrated with the picture I’m trying to draw.  For some reason I can’t seem to draw a person’s teeth without them looking like a cartoon.  So no joy there yet, however, I do have two scribbles to show you that I did fairly recently.

This one is literally a 10 minute scribble.  I think it was inspired by a photo I saw in Frankie magazine, but I can’t remember the artist/musician featured or the photographers name- how very unprofessional of me!  If that is you or you took the photo I’m sorry, but imitation is the most sincere form of flattery ….right?

This is a drawing I started and never managed to complete because I still haven’t worked out what to do with the background.  It’s drawn from a photo of my friend J that I found on facebook- just one of those point and click moments and I liked how she turned out looking slightly silly.  I think I made her look sillier.  It’s not a flattering picture by any shot, but I think sometimes flattering can be very boring and there is much more interest in imperfections.  I really enjoyed drawing this throughout the 4 hours it took me, as it made me smile and think about all the silly times together. So- this one’s for you J, life might seem awfully serious sometimes, but just remember that deep inside you are still someone who wears double-pointed, tasselled beanies.

More baking! Yesterday P was home along with B and another friend from Hobart, so, at risk of being exposed to waaaaaay too much  boy talk about computer games, I fled to the kitchen for just a little while and whipped up some muffins while my bread dough was rising.  I never use a recipe for muffins as I prefer to just chuck a bunch of ingredients together which might be lurking within the pantry.  This time they ended up being peach muffins with pomegranate icing.  They’re not the prettiest of muffins, because, to be honest I’m not very good at the food styling side of things (anyone want to give me some tips?) but despite their rustic exterior they were tasty and kept all 4 of us happy.  The icing does have some pink food colouring in it because my experiments with pomegranate syrup demonstrated that when you add it to icing it does not turn a pretty pomegranate pink colour like you (I) would expect, but rather becomes an undesirable murky brown.

That is all for now…

what did you make/do yesterday?