five senses Tuesday- The week that was (and kind of still is.)

Tuesday has rolled around again and makes me wonder where on earth the seven days in between went.  It’s been a whirlwind, (I have to say) full of hassles and high emotion, but has thankfully settled down now and seems to be peacefully resuming a more sedate pace.

For the last 3 days my house has been taken over by well-meaning (but sometimes a wee bit stressful) family as we endeavoured to get my dear sister L all moved out of her Brunswick home and on her way to Germany. This involved a pile of tea leaves, about 5 packets of lolly snakes, just one bottle of wine (so far), 2 cars, 2 six packs of beer to appease P and B for the subsequent and complete occupation of the house, 2 trips to the freight depot,  3 trips between Brunswick and Frankston (that’s 1.25 hours each way), 3 blocks of chocolate, 1 thesis being proof-read, 2 bikes being taken apart and put back together by 1 hen-pecked father, 1 trip to the tip, 2 trips to uni averaging 6 hours each for me (because I decided to get the hell out of the house), 1 wonderful friend K who whisked me away from the trials of too much family togetherness into the relative peace of psychoanalysis and behaviorism, 1 trip to the pharmacy to get medication for me after I managed to get some nasty stress-related stomach pains, 1 hallway 1 lounge room  1 kitchen and 1 spare room piled high with a massive L objects explosion,  3 bouts of bursting into tears by various family members (myself included), and numerous episodes of hassling, fighting, huffing and puffing, and paper flying throughout the entire 3 days…  just 3 days…

L in a more peaceful moment

but for now, the boxes are packed, the floor is cleared, the dishes are done, the pantry is packed full of L’s leftover lentils and legumes, the ABC is on TV and thus the family is occupied and content…and quiet. Domestic bliss has been reinstated…..except the boys are missing, causing me to wonder if I should put up a lost and found note on power poles around town-“Missing:  1 housemate and 1 boyfriend. Both male, early twenties. Last seen fleeing our house as quickly as possible.  If found- tell them I’m sorry.”

So now that I have provided the messy and somewhat chaotic context for this week’s Five Senses Tuesday, I shall continue with my ears, eyes, nose, mouth’s and heart/head’s experience of the week that was…


mandarin and rose essential oil that I am burning in the hopes of promoting a peaceful and happy domestic environment.  I won’t attribute the current lull in activity entirely to it, but I’m sure subconsciously everyone is much happier for it.


Boxes and bags and suitcases oh my!  EVERYWHERE.  Read:  L’s life on my floor and in my hall and under my kitchen table; lots of frowning faces and shaking heads; my messy bedroom, which, no matter how clean I manage to keep the rest of the house, it never ever tidy and has accurately mirrored the chaos of my head and life for the last few days.


See the reference to bursting into tears.  Let’s say, a little overwhelmed and increasingly panicked at the uni work needed to be done. This has since been alleviated somewhat by today’s productive venture into the post-grad building which I am feeling very familiar with these days. I still feel like my head is spinning after the last few days, but hopefully that will lose momentum and slow down to the state of mild confusion I am more used to.


Lolly snakes.  I think I’ve had a little too much sugar now…


harsh words, nice words, pained sighs, laughter, and the click clack of 3 women all frantically knitting at once (because we just can’t help it).

Has your week been as crazy and stuffed full of goings on? Tell me if it has- or hasn’t.  I don’t mind, either is nice.