“Our stitching and unstitching has been naught!” W.B. Yeats

As previously promised-

I finally got around to photographing my recent knitting endeavours as I had to pounce on the small patch of light that filtered in through the kitchen window.  So here you are…

Branching Out Scarf Via Knitty

Snowflake Socks via Ravelry

Escalator Socks for men Via Ravelry

I am still going on these ones.  I got bored after I finished the first (as often happens when knitting socks) so I have started other projects in between.

Paton’s Lacy Top

This is the top I have just started. It took me a little while this morning to work out how I was meant to knit a cluster but I now have it under control.  I’m just really really hoping this will look nice on me when it’s finished and not look like a home knitted disaster!