“Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend.” Lucy Liu

When my sister, L moved hemispheres recently I was the proud recipient of a pile of vintage knitting books which have earned the auspicious title of ‘family heirloom’ with me being the third female in the family to own these. To start with the patterns made me laugh and I didn’t think I would ever consider knitting any of them… but the longer they sit there on the shelf, the more I find myself eyeing them suspiciously, as they quietly call to me, saying “go on…you know you want a fluffy bonnet…”

I haven’t had the chance (or light) to take photos of them yet, so I thought I would share some that I found on this grand thing we call the internet.

I would love to be able to confidently wear some of these, but I’m hesitant in following that further as I’m just not too sure how a size 14 body would fit into those teeny tiny waists!

All the ladies in these look so delightful- I think I would like to sit down and drink tea with all of them.  But not the man- I would just try to convince him not to shoot anything, and that I don’t like his chances of blending into the forest in a cardigan of such dazzling proportions.