I miss you like lost misses found

Today, quite unexpectedly I received a letter.

Anything that comes in the mail for me usually sets my stomach churning and makes my mouth tight with grim expectation of something unpleasant (like a forgotten bill, or a letter to say that due to some minor administrative failure I will not graduate etc etc).  Call me pessimistic, but any correspondences I receive via snail mail are usually of this nature, so I was a little perplexed when P handed me a silver (friendish looking) envelope.  “What’s this?” I thought… “perhaps the bank has run out of the usual stationary and was forced to resort to the special Christmas only envelopes…”  However, upon opening it, all hesitation vanished because inside was the loveliest card I think I’ve ever seen.  As it turns out, my friend J back in Tasmania missed me, and chose to demonstrate her missing of me via a Lisa Congdon card. The artwork was so pretty that it sent me on an internet hunt for the artist and any other work she may have done.  What I found absolutely delighted me because I have a sincere love of illustrative artwork and especially appreciate it in quality children’s books, seeing as I am now in the business of reading them every day to a patchwork of open-mouthed, wide-eyed little faces.

Here are some of my favourite Lisa Congdon and Sophie Blackall illustrations…

Pink Forest- the artwork on my "I miss you" card