five senses tuesday (I’m back)

okay, so I know I’ve been pretty slack on the blogging front lately and five senses Tuesday hasn’t appeared here for about 3 weeks I think and that’s because by the time I have come home from kindergarten my brain has completely turned into a mushy mess of “use your words”; “you need to say ‘stop it B****, I don’t like that'” ;”sit on your bottoms!” ;and trying to teach a group of kindergarten teachers who are meant to be instilling all their wisdom in me, how to plan and deal with the new national framework which has everyone befuddled.  everyone that is, except us young upstart students who are being trained in it.  Today was my last day of placement and I even managed to go for a walk in the sunshine this afternoon before collapsing and biting my nails right down thinking about all the work I still have to do. So with that gnawing away in the back of my head (and fingertips) here is the week that was…


rockets and astronauts and space stations and telescopes and little faces looking up at me asking many tricky questions about all of these. Today was the last day I will see those little faces and I was genuinely sad about that.  I have often wondered over the last 3 weeks if these little people will remember me at all later down the track…


some tears, some laughter, a whole lot of preschool chatter. When I first started placements back in June I would come home with headaches, ear aches and unable to get the voices of twenty 4 year olds out of my head. Now I’ve become accustomed to it. I no longer have to turn the radio off the moment I get in the car to drive home. I no longer have to go lie down and pull a pillow over my head wishing all the noises in the world would just get lost.  Now I listen to the children instead of involuntarily cringing at their high-pitched voices, and I mean really listen, and listening to what is not being said in between, because that is half the conversation.


cut grass!  Spring is here and everyone seems to be mowing their lawns.  The smell of cut grass is so evocative in so many ways.  It’s summer holidays spent camping. It’s evening walks.  It’s sitting on the oval at school at lunch time, right before summer holidays.  What does cut grass mean to you?


A wee bit stressed!  I did incredibly well on my assessments and the assessor that came in loved me so much that she’s helped me get a job interview at a place she works at, but I’m still worried.  I just can’t shake the feeling that I haven’t done enough and that everyone’s done more than I have and that essentially I’m screwed.  I’m sure at some point everyone gets that feeling…that nothing you do is quite good enough…right?


Not as much as I would like.  One again I’m back on the “I will lose weight” bandwagon.  Curses on uni for making me rather more plump than I would like! I’ve done all this before and swung right back again. It just seems to be a perpetual struggle which the chocolate filled world usually wins. So now I’ve thrown it out there into cyberspace an you’ve all rea it, I’ll just have to live up to my word, won’t I.