a rambling we shall go

I’ve been feeling a bit housebound and frustrated lately.  I think this is the result of finishing placement where I was away from the house and busy every day, to coming back and realising it’s just me, the house and my uni work to wile away the hours.  I do enjoy staying home a fair bit, but this last week I have just been itching to get out and feeling like I might go a little crazy staying within these walls all day. I’ve felt jumpy and grouchy and unable to settle to anything productive, so in between huffing and puffing about how bored I am I convinced P that we should get out and do something on the weekend.  Having very little money, as always, proves a challenge in this business of ‘getting out and doing’  so after a bit of thought I realised that what we did have to our advantage was a car with petrol and a giant-sized portion of P’s leftover curry. When I discovered that there was an old quarantine station and forts about an hours drive from here I practically jumped up and shouted “ah huh! Here is a place with plenty of history and ghosties to interest me, as well as a generous sprinkling of war paraphernalia to interest P.  To Point Nepean we shall go!”

So with curry in the thermos and me jumping about like a dog that’s just been told “walkies!” we headed off in what we assumed was the correct direction.  Which it was.  For a while.  We never actually made it to the quarantine station as we somehow ended up on the wrong side of the peninsula and after a while of me saying “come on, let’s just stop and look at the Melways” P finally cracked and told me in no uncertain terms that it didn’t matter if we didn’t get to the quarantine station, that we would just drive around and explore, and we would ENJOY it.  Sometimes I do need to be told to shh, relax and just let go of the control.

He was right.  We did enjoy it.  We ended up seeing huge waves crashing onto the gothic looking beach; we discovered Arthurs Seat which turned out to be a surprisingly expansive and beautiful garden with sculptures and flowers and ducks; we were puzzled by enormous monuments to Matthew Flinders; we drove through all the berry farms of Red Hill; and eventually got all excited looking at the furniture and fridges that we will be able to buy very soon thanks to P’s bonus at work.

There’s a lot you can do with a car and a thermos full of curry, and thankyou P for reminding me that I do not always have to be in total control of where we go, and to just sit back and enjoy the journey (regardless of the destination).