happy belated Tuesday

Howdy! yes, I know it’s not Tuesday but I refuse to be restricted by the self-imposed boundaries of regular blogging. And besides, I was busy yesterday because on the odd occasion I will break away from the hypnotic screen before me and go do something that contributes to my general quality of life.

Because I already posted about P and my ill-fated,  somewhat adventurous (on my part) trip to the old quarantine centre I shall mentally eliminate that from this weeks five senses post, because I wouldn’t want to bore you now (dear reader). Instead I will focus on the comings and goings and stayings of yesterday, because the rest of the time I mostly sit around attending to and stoically ignoring uni work alternatively.  Yesterday was nice.  Yesterday k came over and after making a pact not to think about uni all day (which we promptly and unconsciously broke) we decided to put our nervous energy to good use and make soap.  And this is what happened…


ducklings!  On a pond.  Across the road.  After exhausting our soap making materials K and I hopped across the road for a very pleasant and civilised stroll in the park.  I don’t why I don’t go there more because every time I end up there I feel so much more at peace than I do in general.  The trees and birds talk to you there and I can imagine sitting by the duck pond contentedly for hours.

We also stumbled across some leaf skeletons hiding away in the garden beds.  I think we must have stopped to look at some flowers and there they were- delicate and beautiful.  When I was a kid I used to call them ‘lace leaves’ and add them to the fairy food brew of hard lentils and beans I scavenged from the jars mum kept on the kitchen window. Sometimes the fairies wrote back.


K play guitar and singing.  She was just playing around, but being musically inclined her version of playing around sounds inexplicably good to my ears.  It felt so soothing having someone sitting in my lounge plucking guitar strings and singing notes that I had the sudden urge to live in a musical home, you know, where people play instruments and sing together. Right then and there I decided that I would learn to play that guitar (I made this same grand statement when I was 10) and so would P and we would sit about on sunny afternoons playing guitar and singing. However, after informing P of my lyrical plans I’m not so certain that he shares my idyllic vision of a musical home…


The sweet stench of caustic soda insidiously burning my nostrils. It’s unfortunate that to create yummy, cake smelling soap it’s necessary to go through the somewhat frightening (to the chemically uninitiated) process of creating lye.  It’s just caustic soda and water, but the fact that it heats up to 90 degrees from cold water due to the chemical reaction alone is a little alarming.  Especially when you get the sudden acrid burn of the fumes up your nose, leaving you gasping for an open window.

Still, it wasn’t all chemical burns…  K did bring a fat, healthy bunch of lavender intended for the soap.  We decided to dry out the lavender first though and make oat, honey and cinnamon soap this time instead.  So now the lavender hangs romantically from the handlebars of my exercise bike, packed away in the corner of the spare room, and wafts past the door at odd moments.


Far far too much bread, because flour seemed to be the only thing left in the pantry and fridge after 2 weeks of being broke.  It’s a cruel joke that to get tax back you must first pay an accountant, and yet I still bake (although ironically had no bread left yesterday).  Thankfully K, a baker, a pig and an avocado tree came to the rescue yesterday and provided us with THE YUMMIEST SALAD SANDWICHES EVER MADE.After perusing my mini potted garden, K had the genius idea to add chives to the avocado, along with some lemon juice.  I don’t know why I never thought of that before- the lemon juice yes, but not the chives.  Now that my chives have taken to the Victorian climate much better than the Tasmanian one I can actually use them and will definitely be revisiting this combination.  mmmmm……


Tonight a lecturer asked us what we were all feeling, to which I internally replied “so many things Hillary….so many things…”

I start my new job (and career) tomorrow!  I haven’t really been nervous until now because I’m used to arriving at various childcare and kindergartens and having to fit right in with the daily routines for placements, but this time I’m getting paid and can’t plead inexperienced student.  It’s a little bit scary, if I’m being honest because I have only ever worked in cafes and bakeries.  Now I’ll be looking after people’s children, as opposed to lunch orders.  I’m hoping that my dear employers will take into consideration the fact that I am still studying and green as can be at this childcare business. One things for sure- any extra monies I can get my hands on will be a big fat relief!