while I’ve been gone….

I know I haven’t posted much lately, which will probably continue until November 12 when I officially finish uni (again).  At the moment I am in “ohmygodihavesomuchtodohowamievergoingtogetalltheseassignmentsdoneontime!!??” freak out mode, so you’ll have to excuse my absence and know that I would much rather be doing this than my current reality.  As always, however, I do find time to knit.  This generally occurs when I’m completely and utterly sick of writing essays.  It was J’s birthday last month, and I decided to knit her a neckwarmer (belated, I’ll admit). I know the weather is getting warmer here now, but back in Tasmania it doesn’t really warm up until January, so I figured she would still get some wear from it. The package arrived at her doorstep last week which elicited an excited text message saying how much she liked it, which I am certainly relieved about because I was not too certain about the colour of the wool….

As always, I forgot to photograph it myself, so she got her serious gentleman friend, A to take some pics.  Thanks J and A for being more organised than I!

I used the pattern Rios Locos Neck Snuggler by Amy Klint Designs, which I found through ravelry of course. I changed a few things about the pattern though, because the first two times I could not get the gauge right. So, I upped the needle size but kept the same ply wool.  I also only had one button to work with, so I sewed down certain points of the neck warmer to make it sit correctly and avoid it rolling up on itself, as they are prone to do.  I was pretty happy with the result and will probably make one for myself because the pattern was very easy.  If you know basic lace stitches you could definitely make this.