on abundance and stuff that won’t stop growing

Spring is well and truly here and everything is growing and happening in abundance, and I don’t just mean in our little potted garden.  The old adage “it never rains, but always pours” seems to be the soundtrack to life at the moment, which I have to say is a blessed change to the usual tune of frugality and gritted teeth which has presided over most of this year. In fact, its such a big change that I almost can’t comprehend it all at once.  I feel like I need to take life, mould it into a little ball and sit there studying it through a magnifying glass for a while to see if perhaps at the end I can understand a little better how and why we came to this place.

So, considering the current plethora of happenings and growth I thought I would list these in a post, just so you know where I’m coming from.


Green! Everywhere!

P and I have developed an almost obsessive love of our collection of potted plants and keep making wistful plans to extend the little green family.  I always did love growing things (how could I not- I grew up on a flower farm) but P has suddenly decided to share my interest after he discovered that making things grow is…well…pretty easy!  We check on our plants every single day and remark on how fast they’re growing (kind of like doting parents). Back in Tasmania I could never really get my pot plants to do very much, I guess it was just too cold for them and they didn’t get enough sun in the underground apartment we rented,. However, just in the last few weeks they have literally exploded into a bounty of greenery and aromatics! The mustard sprouts which were meant to take 6-10 days to emerge took 2, and show no sign of stopping. It’s all incredibly exciting for us as it just seems to point towards bigger things and life taking off now (if you will excuse the sappy metaphor).



yes, I know money isn’t everything, but having even a little bit sure does make life easier. This year has been tough.  Really tough in parts, and P and I have certainly been lucky enough to have loving families who have helped us out through it.  After an entire year of scrimping, major frugality, and always feeling a little bit scared, we have suddenly come out the other end of that forsaken tunnel and life is looking much better. For those of you who don’t know me, P and I have been living off his wage alone and the charity of said families all year while I’ve been studying after not being able to find a job when we first moved to Victoria. We’ve had enough to get by, but only just and in one way it’s good that I haven’t had a group of friends here because I couldn’t have afforded a social life anyway! BUT things are changing…  I have a job now.  And not just any old ‘I do it to get by’ kind of job.  It’s a job I totally love and actually look forward to, and whats more, I never even applied for this job- it got offered to me! and just to make things even better, this job that got offered to me has led to another, bigger and better job being offered to me by the same people.  This is why I am having trouble getting my head around all this good fortune- all those anguished horrible months I spent job hunting every single day when we first moved here, and all the depression and upset that went with that, came to nothing. I never managed to get a job and anyone that has been in that situation knows how gosh darn hard that is, and what an absolute beating your self-esteem takes, but now a job has found me? I can’t even quite believe that I now have money in my bank account, and so I have some freedom back!  Dear wonderful ladies working at Bonkers Beat kindergarten and childcare- I love you. I really do, and I promise to be the best damn full-time collaborative kinder teacher that ever tunelessly sang ‘twinkle twinkle little star’.



gar, they just won’t go away, no matter how much I ignore them.  Being the end of semester I have an abundance of assignments to write when all I really want to do is go outside and sit in the sun and read about stuff that is directly relevent to my work now. I feel like marching up to admin at uni and saying “come now…you and I both know that I am going to pass- you offered me honours for goodness sake!  so just between you and me, why don’t you just go ahead and tick whatever box you need to that will exempt me from writing another 9000 words of stuff I already know’  sigh… I suppose that would require someone giving up all their academic integrity or something.  pffffft!


Having said all that, I really must get back to the horrors of study…   what has been abundant in your life lately?  Is it good or bad? or both?  let me know!