Tuesday, 9th November

Just in case you were wondering, I haven’t actually deserted this blog- just purposefully ngelected it a bit.

Lately I have felt that I simply have not had the head space to write and after a prolonged stressful period (of the hair pulling, teeth grinding, chocolate binging variety) I have chosen to take a short break.

It’s not that I don’t love teaching the wee kiddies, but this last prac for uni has really beat me into a mucusy, headachy (do I sound shriekey) submission, which I think is mostly due to too much uni and housemate stress.

So, because I don’t want to sit around this here blog moping about feeling well below parr, I am taking a breather and will be heading off to the Victorian high country for some rest and recuperation, then to a yoga retreat for my new job before starting work full-time. I feel this soul holiday is much-needed before I am able to give this job all I can and be emotionally available to the children I will be working with.

I will still be checking back here though, so if you would like to send me a “howdy- good to know you’re still alive, this is what I think….” please go ahead as I will see it and comments always make me happy.