I want to waltz with someone dear every day of the week

Things have been very quiet around the corners or this  blog of late, but now that I have a moment to catch my breath  I feel that I can take this opportunity to dust away the cobwebs, sweep the floor and invite you all in for a cup of tea. Of course, this will all be one-sided gabble which may only be effective in allowing me to organise my own thoughts on the past couple of months- but, just in case you feel like contributing to the conversation please go ahead and comment (because it totally makes my day). For comprehension sake I will divide this post into the subheadings of: Work; yoga; home; play.


wow- so I’m a kindergarten teacher now.  Yep, it’s official, that’s what it says next to my name on the staff list, so that is what I must be. The staff member responsible for my recommendation and employment there described me as having ‘arrived at Bonkers with a bang’.  At the time I laughed nervously in response, but now I am inclined to agree wholeheartedly with her, having gone from a casual assistant with little experience to a full-time kindergarten teacher.  I’ve been working with toddlers through to five-year olds, and any early childhood professional or parent will tell you that each year brings a whole new set of behavioural challenges.

I have wrestled wilful toddlers into clean nappies before they have even thought to stop objecting; soothed separation anxiety and gained the satisfaction of being recognised and sought out by these wee kiddies.  I have been pounced on by at least 4 three-year olds every morning when I walk in the door, all of whom excitedly tell me what has been happening since they saw me the day before (often this is in russian as they forget that teaching your children to be bilingual wasn’t trendy in the 80’s); and I have experienced the jaw-dropping, heart-stopping shock of suddenly being confronted with 15 four and five-year olds who have been inside all day, are excited about christmas and who are desperately ready for the new challenges that school would provide. Needless to say, every single day has been a big fat kick in the pants challenge as I effectively have 50 children between two and five years old testing my authority in every possible way. Sometimes I wish I could just sit down and have a tantrum too, and then I just have to take a breath, remind myself that I am qualified for this, and then go and calmly explain why we don’t hurt our friends/ don’t try to break each others necks/ don’t smear poop around the room/ remember to go to the toilet/ ask mum to pack some extra pants/ and why the cook screamed in russian when you let your pet cockroach out of its container.

I know with time I will master the ability to direct the children effectively and get them to listen to me, and maybe one day I will actually feel like I know what I am doing, as opposed to taking a deep breath and diving in, hoping to come out physically and mentally intact.  And besides- I’ve been doing this for more than two weeks now and I have only cried once…at home, and I’m choosing to see that as encouraging.

To all the early childhood professionals and mums/dads/caregivers/aunties/uncles/grandparents etc out there…if you have any pearls of wisdom on this topic- please send them my way!

ps.  Being a music based childcare and kindergarten we put on a massive concert every year, which happened on Saturday. So, to top off my week I stood on stage in front of an audience for the first time since I was a witch in my grade 5 play, singing about not playing with dangerous objects, demonstrating sign language to a song about rainbows and musical notes, waltzed with people half my height, and jumped about like a monkey….and I had an awesome time.  I was so proud of my little students who I’ve only been with for such a short amount of time that I’m sure next year I will be compelled to deliver some kind of gushy, tearful speech dedicated to them.



This links into work, as my first real introduction to the women I work with was through a weekend long yoga retreat where we all bunked together and spent about 7 hours of the day learning how to be bendy and fulfilled. I’m not sure that many people out there get that kind of opportunity free of charge and presented to them on a (vegetarian, yoga- approved) platter.  We all travelled to beautiful Healesville in Victoria where we found ourselves amongst a plethora of radiantly healthy, slight blissed out yogis which initially sent off a few warning bells in my mind. However, by the end of the weekend I was walking around in a similarly blissed out state- connected to the universe through sheer relaxation, sore muscles in all sorts of new places and the pranic healing I had done during my massage.  At first, I didn’t think I felt any different from the pranic healing (it’s completely non-contact and is done to release any negative energy build up in the chakras) however, within minutes of finishing I felt lighter and as if I had energy surging throughout my body.  It was exactly what I needed after half a year of negative energy surrounding me, and I will definitely be revisiting it next time I feel that I need to clear up the energy pathways in my body.

Since the retreat I have been inspired to continue this business of bending myself into unexpected shapes and breathing properly-partly because of how amazing I felt by the end, and partly because I have to teach yoga to the kids at work, so I want to stay on top of it. But, despite my googling and calling efforts I have not been able to find a yoga class nearby that actually happens on weekends or evenings.  If anyone knows of any in the Frankston area, please please please tell me!  I need some help to stay motivated and flexible!


Swami Sarasvati, who ran the yoga retreat




Furniture!!!!!!  FINALLY   (well, some of it anyway).  Another reason for my absence has been the fact that our house has looked like it’s either been robbed, or we sold everything to buy a big tv.  P and I thought we were so organised when we went and bought all our furniture, however, being new to this ‘making a home when you actually have money and don’t just have to use milk crates and hand-me-down furniture‘ we didn’t realise that it would take a substantial amount of time for our beloved furnishings to arrive on our doorstep. Long story short- we now have a beautiful big table and chairs which I can sit at, but we’re still using a busted blow up mattress as a (very low) couch.


There has been a severe decrease in crafty happenings around here along with the lack of time, sanity and furniture, however there are a few little things here and there, but shhhhhhhhh……you shouldn’t ask about these things so close to Christmas….