Five String Serenade

I haven’t managed to be very involved in artsy goings on lately, although I am promising myself that as soon as I am home after New Years I am dragging (or persuading ) P and myself off to a whole gamut of different exhibitions and shows and experiences.  But until that happens and I am able to blog about them first-hand, here are a few of the sites I’ve been skulking around lately.

I  don’t usually get too excited about fashion blogs because so often I feel that they just aren’t relevent to me.  My life revolves around people of the 0-5 year old age range at the moment, and let’s be honest- they don’t have a great appreciation for brands and labels.  Then there’s the inevitable discovery that the beautiful clothes pictured are only available in size teeny tiny which immediately puts me in a not so teeny tiny funk.  Breaking away from my usual avoidance of fashion blogs has brought Style Rookie to me however.  She’s still in high school, she’s of miniature proportions and she has the quirkiest sense of style. In short, she’s everything I’m not, but at least she isn’t 13 pretending to be a grown woman. Do check out her frequent wardrobe posts and wonder how she gets around school in those shoes….

I know I’ve mentioned Sophie Blackall and her blog Missed Connections before, but I find myself continuously revisiting it and always feel a wee bit disappointed when there are no new posts.  Perhaps it is the romantic in me that loves the idea of people everywhere experiencing significant and ephemeral moments with strangers and then turning to the mass that is the internet to try to find them. Sophie gives these moments so much sensitivity and yearning that I imagine being one of those strangers and then finding Sophie’s representations of one fleeting moment in your life. I think it would probably be simultaneously serendipitous and jolting.

Simply beautiful photographs of travelling and life by painter Lily Stockman.  She appears to live the gypsy life I sometimes daydream about…

I love love love innovative and beautiful design, and the Design Files is full of elegant, clever design which makes me go “oh la la”.  I’m particularly loving the latest post on architect Stuart Harrison’s new book  “A place in the sun” featuring sustainable design in architecture. Hands up who wants to live in one of those amazing houses.  Me.  That’s who.


Where have you been lately?  Places in the real world, or corners of the net?  Where should I go next?