it’s oh so quiet

Okay, I’ll admit it- I do seem to have fallen off the blogging wagon.  I started strong and then slowly but surely let life get between the fledgling relationship my blog and I formed.  I started this blog in an attempt to inspire my own artsy, craftsy, cooking practices and in a way, to be held accountable so that I simply had to do something creative or risk the world going without my musings and creative muddling.  Now, after returning from a wonderful and rejuvenating holiday in Tasmania I finally feel that I have the head space once more to commit to my poor, patient blog, so I have signed up for the word press post a week in 2011 challenge. This means that I have signed on the dotted line (or email subscription) that I do solemnly swear to post at least once a week this year, and if I fail to do so I give you all permission to yell at me, or give me disappointed looks (which is much worse ).

I am not functioning under any misconceptions that I will proudly and productively go forth into the blogging world once more without at least a few regressions into apathy, so I ask all of you out there what you do when faced with a distinct lack of inspiration and motivation.  What gets your fingers twitching to type and leaves you jumpy until you simply have to create something?


While you think, here are just a few photos from my Christmas and New Years trip back to Tas. I actually didn’t end up taking many photos because my camera is just so darn big that sometimes I can’t be bothered lugging it around, which was a pity because I visited some of the most amazing places which will have to go undocumented until I return.

the harvest from my parent's vegetable garden which had me green with envy, thinking about my own poor struggling plants



rocket flowers



a familiar sight- delphiniums and flowers boxes



quiet moments together in Hobart



on New Years Eve I paid respect to my dutch heritage and whipped out the most triumphant plate of olliebollen (fruity dough full of deep-fried deliciousness and once-a-year artery clogging)


Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning and sorting out the two spare rooms in our house, as one was completely bare while I could barely walk into the other.  This was a massive job but I felt that, as well as a mundane cleaning activity it was a metaphorical cleansing of my own mind.  As I sifted through a years worth of paper, art, craft, knitting, university and kindergarten build up I felt that my own subconscious was also busy assessing what is ok to let go of after what has been a pretty tough year.  I did manage to reinstate order to that part of the house and get a real sense of satisfaction from looking at the clear and organised rooms and the massive rubbish pile that is waiting to go outside.  Sometimes I wish I could spend a whole day sorting out my head and at the end come away with a nice, neat rubbish pile that will be taken away and forgotten about.

How have you started your new year?