My creative space

Today: honeycomb making and terracotta pot painting.

okay….I’ll be honest…P actually made the honeycomb but I definitely provided support.  Just out of interest- does anyone know how to cure an abominable case of sweet tooth?


The afternoon was spent painting terracotta pots for my house plants in order to brighten up dark corners and break up the vast expanses of brown present in this house. I actually had not picked up my paintbrushes since 1st year of uni when I was so thoroughly discouraged in the painting department, so I had forgotten just how good it feels to sit with a decent paint brush in hand, gliding the paint across a surface.  When the last of the paint had dried and the plants placed in their new homes I had such a feeling of well-being that all I want to do now is continue painting.  I wonder how long this will last or what might come of it…



the start of something new. I haven't taken photos of the finished products yet as it was too dark by that time, but stay tuned because I will post them as soon as I can get to them in daylight.