down in the lime tree arbor

Firstly, I would just like to say that boy is it tough having two different age groups in the one kindergarten.  Transitioning the older children to prep means constantly reaffirming the fact that they are big school kids now and inevitably results in the outgrowing of old routines and experiences and belief that their year in kinder has bestowed on them supreme knowledge of how completely unnecessary it is to listen to the teacher (me).  Transitioning the three-year old group into kinder involves a few tears and bed-wetting episodes and introducing them to new routines and rules which can be tough when they suddenly find themselves in a different room with a different teacher. Throw these two groups together and you have a somewhat organised chaos of children who no longer need to be there with children who are learning how to be there….and one frazzled teacher who is using nap times to do some deep breathing of my own.

The word press postaday challenge today asked “what do you want to be remembered for?” I have no distinct ideas on this (other than being a loving, creative energy), but it is at times when I am watching the children play or I catch myself sounding a little too hassled when talking to them that I wonder if and how they will remember me in years to come.  Being very green to this profession I find it necessary to ask myself this on a daily basis as I must realise that every single moment with them counts and good learning experiences can’t be put on hold until a time when I feel calmer or they exhibit perfect behaviour.

After finishing work today I was able to catch some of the watery daylight that made its way into our house so I took teh opportunity to photograph the finished pot plant pots which reignited my love of paint on Sunday. They are rough, uneven and completely unsubtle and I love them.  It’s as low brow as art comes, and in a way feels like a release from the constant fear of not performing or creating a profound piece of art which was instilled in me at art school.


I live something of a charmed life where abundance tends to come in the form of knitted items.  I have only been knitting for about a year and half now, which means I am still very much a rookie and finding my feet (especially with cables and this circular needle business).  My mother and sister however, have many years of knitting experience up on me and so they have become my knitting gurus.  They are the ladies I turn to when I make stupid stitch mistakes or muddle something up because I consistently do not read the pattern once I get to a certain point- preferring instead to assume I know exactly what I am doing and am then utterly surprised when my socks end up with the knitted sock equivalent of ballet blocks because I never bothered to look up how to graft them properly.  So while I knit (lets say) experimentally, they whip out these breath-taking lace works.  Every Christmas and birthday new knitted items come my way and it is only now that I knit myself that I truly appreciate them for the work and love they entail.

While photographing my pots today I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the large blue shawl mum made me for my birthday last year and the delicate green one L sent me all the way from Germany.

I love the idea that these handmade items may be around for longer than I will be so I tend to view them as precious treasures which become part of the family history.   Thank goodness for family members who knit compulsively, for they keep me warm and give me something to aspire to. x