excuse me…have you been introduced?

Dear readers, meet my blog buddies. Blog buddies are my new bloggy friends through the word press postaweek/day challenge.  We will be buddying up to keep each other on track with the challenge throughout 2011.  Dear blog buddies, meet my readers.  My readers consist of my friends, my big sis, a few people I don’t know and my mum.  Hi mum. They’re all pretty nice people.


Postcards On My Fridge

This fine young lass lives in Colorado, USA and blogs about the postcards she received from all around the world and her life experience in general with a few recipes thrown in the mix. Pop on over for some rambles.



This lady may just be my knight in shining child-rearing, steinerish armour.  She found me, which is a surprise considering the sheer amount of desperate googling I have done on the topic of children’s behaviour and education, but she succinctly states every single thing I value in children’s education before I’ve really had a chance to work it all out within my own mind.  At this crazy time of becoming a teacher and transitioning (both the kids and myself) reading her blog is like someone telling me to sit down, take a deep breath and handing my a cup of tea. Do check her blog out if you are interested in children, educational philosophies and art therapy.


Miss K blogs about her life after moving from Australia to Scotland and is currently following the word press postaday challenge topics (such as sharing a secret, and what are you looking forward to in 2011?).   She writes, she draws and she travels and I really look forward to getting to know her and her blog a bit better throughout this year.