hibernation 101

*I am posting this one week after actually writing it because in my malingering state I capped our internet and was not able to upload. It’s still relevent though! I am writing this from a cold and flu tablet induced coma.*


I have been hibernating all week thanks to what appears to be the mother of all head colds.  My usual tactic for coping with colds is to park myself firmly on the couch, movies on the tv, knitting in hand, tissues and vicks within arms reach and a cup of hot water with lemon and honey consistently topped up throughout the day.  I don’t like to take cold and flu tablets because I find that they don’t make me feel any better…just altered, so I rely heavily on steaming hot liquids to get me through the day.

However, after an entire week of sitting at home moping and doing all of the above I feel that my physical constitution has become about 80% lemon and honey, 20% mucus, so I decided to search for another hot drink to ease my head. Enter Masala Chai Tea.

When I was on the yoga retreat I was served the most amazing chai tea, which had been boiled and simmered and strained lovingly by someone in the kitchen (possibly as an order from the cosmos because these yogis appeared to have a direct link to the universe which resulted in a constantly blissed out state).  I wanted to recreate the spiciness and warmth of that chai, as opposed to the sweetness of others I have tasted, so after searching around the net I settled on the recipe from my very own yoga teachers over here.

As the recipe did not give specific measurements I decided to play with it and hope for the best.

Here’s what I put in mine:

cinnamon sticks

cardamon pods

whole pepper corns

fresh and dried ginger

ground cloves

chilli flakes

Darjeeling black leaf tea


soy milk (you can use any kind of milk)

a little honey

I simply threw all the ingredients into a pot on the stove and let it boil and simmer intermittently for a while until I could smell the fragrance of all the spices. I strained it straight into the largest mug I could find and let it cool a little before drinking (because it was super duper hot!).  I also kept the spices and what was left of the drink in a jug in the fridge and remade it again today, with great effect.

This chai would be great anytime you want a warming drink, but I did find it particularly good at clearly my head and making me feel slightly more human.  Here’s hoping that it will miraculously cure me and tomorrow I will wake up the picture of good health and energy!