life goes on outside of this blog

This post is for the people who I have been communicatively neglectful of in this wonderful thing we call the internet…

Since I’ve been gone life has consisted of:

  • my camera not working (hence the serious lack of posts and photographs )
  • trying to be healthy and look after myself through yoga and riding my exercise bike.
  • my first yum cha experience which has me yearning to go back so I can try all the dishes I didn’t get to taste last time.
  • work work work (although, admittedly…not much in the last month due to…)
  • my beloved nan getting sick and going into hospital, which saw me flying back to Tasmania at last minute to be with her.
  • a grueling week spent at her bedside and in the medical ward family room, alternatively. Hours spent staring at floors, at walls, at beds and trying to calm her and help her through the delirium.
  • time spent with family who I wouldn’t see if there had not been a family crisis  (this also equalled many cups of tea, glasses of wine and swigs of bourbon depending on which family member I was with).
  • getting the call the say she had passed away as I arrived back in Melbourne.
  • A restorative trip to Jamieson in which I did little else but sleep and knit.
  • flying back to Tasmania with P for the funeral and spending more time with family.
  • working for one week before going back to Tasmania for the third time in a month because I had booked my holidays months before.
  • one wonderful but exhausting tandem bike ride with dad through beautifully cold and mossy Latrobe in which i discovered that once you are on a tandem bike everyone is your friend and wants to wave to you.
  • getting one massive case of flu, sinusitis and conjunctivitis the next day which saw me malingering for the remainder of my holiday as well as a Sunday morning foray into the accident and emergency ward complete with face masks.
  • getting stranded in Tasmania thanks to the Chilean ash cloud for an extra 5 days and trying not to stress about how life goes on while I am stuck.
  • oh yes….and somewhere in there P and I both had birthdays.  P bought me a brand new camera so I shall finally be able to photograph life again 🙂


whew!  where has life taken you lately?  Anywhere unexpected?