dirty little secrets


there is something I have been keeping on the down low….

well, I suppose it doesn’t count as ‘down low’ if I haven’t actually blogged much, therefore I haven’t really omitted the truth….right?

I have a new job.  As of yesterday morning.  I’m super duper excited about it. I am now a fully fledged kindergarten teacher with my own class and all!  huzzah! I start next week, so will have to let you all know how it goes being all grown up and stuff. I will be working in a place that only has natural materials, teaches sustainability, has a vegie garden complete with chooks, woodwork and mosaicing outside and a specialised art room……….

barely contained excited arm flapping and running around in circles

eep!  I can’t wait!

so that’s all…..just wanted to let you all in on my dirty little secret.

who else has one?  Anything being kept on the ‘down low’ which you are burning to admit?  oh go on..