please sir, may I have some more? Part 2. May 2010

Today is P’s birthday and seeing as I don’t have any money, I decided to cook him whatever he wanted for dinner instead of buying a present.  The order for corned beef, potato bake and pavlova was placed (the boy just loves his potatoes…) so upon arriving home after kindergarten placement I  got myself into the kitchen and stayed there for two and a half hours (homework shmomework- who wants to write essays when there’s pavlova to be made!).  The pavlova was certainly the star of the meal,  and I have to say, I was pretty chuffed with the results considering I have only made pavlova perhaps once before.  All in all, I think my pavlova was pretty darn sexy and it tasted good too. Here are the photos to prove it! (some of the colours are a bit off because they were taken in my yellowy lit kitchen at night).

uncooked and gooey
just out of the oven
finished with the side taken out. The strawberries have come out a strange colour in the photograph, but I couldnt change the lighting