please sir, may I have some more? Part 3 May 2010

For  a while now I have been following Susan V’s blog Fat Free Vegan. Now I’m not vegan and I’m certainly not fat free, and it’s quite possible that to ordinary old meat eaters fat free vegan cooking may not sound like a whole bundle of fun but I say give it a try! My sister L introduced me to it and since then I have spent many aimless moments browsing through Susan’s endless list of inspired recipes. Although I have not managed to actually make many of the recipes yet, I have taken the time to try some of her desserts, with the best results by far being the Blueberry oat bars.  Don’t let yourself be perturbed by ingredients such as agave nectar because if you are like me and don’t have anything of that name in the pantry you can just substitute with ordinary old sugar, it just won’t be as healthy and smug inducing as the recipe should be. Go have a peek and let yourself have an “ooh that’s interesting…” moment when you see all the clever ways she gets around animal products and fat.