Sisterly Bonding 101. December 2009

some more wholesome sisterly bonding.

Christmas time brought L a new daring bakers challenge which neither of us had ever tried before- a gingerbread house! You can see L’s blog on this tasty construction over at  To be honest, I didn’t do any of the baking in this venture, but was basically called in for decorative consultation (so that’s what I went to art school for!) and of course, she is my big sister- so I have to do what I’m told. Anyway, after spending the last 3 days writing academic essays, I’m feeling a little written out and am suppressing the urge to reference everything, so I shall leave you with the photos of the processes that i was present for. x

L. drawing up the plans
templates all drawn up
L had already made the dough in preparation, so I don’t have any pics of that particular process.
the individual pieces after being baked
we used licorice allsorts, jelly babies and chocolate bullets
construction phase

complete! the finished product