My creative space 12 may 2012

While I am doing a lot of hanging around home biting my nails, I have set myself the challenge of drawing something every day. 

When I was a kid not a day would go by without me getting in trouble for drawing all over Mum and Dad’s business documents, or putting etchings of fairies into the coffee table or just tearing my way through piles and piles of scrap paper in a flurry of fairies, ballerinas, nature spirits and trees.

However, since going to art school the creative juices sadly dried up, or at least got locked away somewhere, so I am attempting to be self disciplined and rediscover them.  I have not set myself any rules other than I must draw one thing each day, no matter how small or whether the end result is what I hoped for or not. This is my own attempt to dispel the fear of artistic failure that I seemed to so ardently take on board while studying.

I do not have a finished piece to show you yet, having only just started this yesterday. I can however, show you my work area, my creative space.  Complete with cat. It’s nice to have friends…