Take a seat…

The other week when E and C were over we visited the NGV.  Whilst there it occurred to me (not for the first time) that a lot of  art  is not appreciated at… Continue reading

By the way…

Just in case you didn’t know, you can find me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/angela.jong1 most you (whoever actually reads this thing) are probably already friends with me and therefore feel obligated to read this … Continue reading

stepped in a puddle

It’s a rainy ol’ day here in Frankston this morning and I’ve been tucked up inside with the heater, a cup of tea and a knitted blanket. Rather than consider all the study… Continue reading

The Best Darn Hot Chocolate in all of Melbourne (Fact.)

“I don’t see much sense in that,” said Rabbit. “No,” said Pooh humbly, “there isn’t. But there was going to be when I began it. It’s just that something happened to it along the way.” A. A. Milne Winnie the Pooh

As of Monday I am no longer friendless. By this I do not mean that I don’t have any friends (I do.)  but for the first time in 6 months they will be… Continue reading


Since moving to Melbourne I have been given plenty of opportunities to engage in wholesome activities with my sister, L, which we probably haven’t done since childhood. The difference is that now we… Continue reading

too many short love affairs

I’ve been somewhat bipolar in my crafting lately.  Time spent drooling over projects on Ravelry put me into a knitting frenzy. This usually does not last long because I find something I want… Continue reading

good day to you sir

Welcome!  (to you and myself) This is my first blog post ever!  A friend finally convinced me to go ahead and create a blog after I have been umming and ahhing over it… Continue reading